How To: Honour Those Who Have Passed Away

Honouring those who have passed awayA wedding day is one of the most special and significant for any couple.  This is a day that is filled with joy.  But it is also a day
which keenly reminds us of those who are not able to be with us and in particular, those loved ones who are no longer with us. Finding a way to honour those who have passed away can add to the beauty and importance of the day, and allow us to bring in those who have touched our lives, but have moved on from them.

Recently, I conducted a ceremony which involved lighting a candle at the beginning of the ceremony to honour the Bride’s Mother.

The candle was lit by the Bride’s brother and words were spoken to bring the memory of the Bride’s Mother into the ceremony.

Here is an excerpt from the ceremony:

“Today is a time of great happiness but it is also a reminder of those who are not able to be here with us.  We would like to take a moment to light a candle for H’s mother, L.  We know that L, just as you are, would be so proud of her beautiful daughter and handsome soon-to-be son-in law.  Just like all of you, we know that she is and always will be proud of the love that they share and the life that they are building together.  The light from this candle is a symbol of not only a Mother’s love, but of the love of all the people who are here to support the H & S…”

The candle burned for the entire ceremony and the reception.  The couple can now light that candle each year to mark the anniversary of their special day.

There are a number of ways to honour the memory of a loved one, and this can truly add to the specialness of your day.

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