For Him: example wedding vows

Example wedding vows for Him, to help your heart find the right words for your big day…

Over the last two years and some change, we have built a relationship, built a home, built a company, and a life together. We can now add building a marriage to the list. Today, we exchange our vows and make our union official, joined by our friends and family.

I choose to marry you because:
You support and encourage even my most eccentric ideas. You allow and inspire me to be my most creative, and you always make my ideas better.
You are compassionate and giving, and I have never me anyone as sensitive and warm as you. You make me want to volunteer at soup kitchens, work at animal shelters, and start a community garden.
I can always count on your to be in my corner.
With you in my life, I feel like I can conquer the world.

I’m promising:
To always be there for you, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
I’m promising to be your advocate, your confidant, and your partner in all our future exploits.
I promise to love you, as I always have, unconditionally, for the rest of our days.
I promise to respect and honor you in every way I know how, and learn new ways as they come.

You are my best friend, my creative partner, my ally, my companion, and my wife! I will always love, respect, and honor you, and our life together. And this is all a long way of saying, “Hey! We’re married!”

I promise to love you, unconditionally, without hesitation, on your best day. And I promise to love you even more on your worst day.
I promise to laugh and dance with you in times of joy and comfort you in times of sorrow.
I promise to treat you as an equal partner. I will share in your dreams and challenge you to reach your greatest potential.
I promise to love, respect, and trust you, and give you the best of myself.
I will fight for our relationship when I need to, and I will never try to hurt your just because I’m angry or tired. I will always work to be worth of your love, and accept that neither of us is perfect.
I promise wherever you go, we will go together, where we will build a life far greater than we could ever imagine on our own.
I will trust you, even when we veer from gps directions, schedules, itineraries, and to-do lists.
I promise you will always be my family, and we will always be a team.
I will stand by you for better and worse, in sickness and health, in sunny days and hurricanes.

You are my best friend, my shelter from the storm, my partner in mischief, and, from this day forward, my husband. I will love and respect you always. With these words, I marry you, and bind my life to yours.


In the presence of our family and friends, I take you for my wife. I promise to be a friend and a partner in the life that we make together. I promise to provide encouragement and sanctuary, and to share with you the sorrows and the joys that lie ahead. I promise to be faithful to you and honest with you. I will share my thoughts and my life with you. I will listen, and I will seek to understand. I will love you as long as I live.


I believe that the key to a successful, sustainable partnership is a kind of selflessness. Not the unhealthy stifling of one’s personality in favor of another’s, but the fusion of two individuals into a new union far beyond the achievements of simple addition.

I do not vow to create this union today. It is not possible to create that which has existed for so long already. I vow instead to sustain this union, fighting for it when the need arises, and all the while developing it far beyond what was initially thought possible.

To this end, I vow to forever be your anchor when you are lost in the storm, holding you steady until we can find our way home. When I am weak, you are strong. So should you feel weak, I will be your strength. At all times you will know my mind because you are always in my thoughts. If I am your voice of reason at 3am, you are mine at all other times. You, my love, are the better angel of my nature.


Today, I take you as my wife. In the presence of our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to laugh with you and cry with you, to love you unconditionally, and to cherish you and our love, as long as we both shall live.


I stand before you today, a grateful man. I am grateful that I met you, and that you have chosen to be my wife. Through all my insecurities and fears, through all of the hardships and obstacles that we have faced. From this day forward, I promise you thatI will love you and be with you through all of life’s joys and challenges. I will be your faithful teammate. I will treat you with kindness and respect, and give you honesty and compassion. I will share in your dreams, and support you as you strive to achieve your goals. I will take your family as my own, and hold them dear to my heart. I will live my life to make yours as amazing and fulfilling as it possibly can be. I will stand by your side in all things, today and for the rest of my life.


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